Dangerous to drink Reverse Osmosis water?

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In North America, during the last 20-30 years 7 million reverse osmosis units have been installed for drinking water. If it was so dangerous to drink reverse osmosis water, as some critics believe, all these plants were hardly installed.

Is Reverse Osmosis with low content of minerals safe to drink?

Reverse osmosis water filters remove 90-99% of all contaminants from water, including inorganic minerals. In water filter comparison tests, reverse osmosis systems always beat standard carbon filters in the removal of harmful contaminants in both tap and well water. However, some critics say that this water is unnatural and is not good for human consumption. Is ultra clean water that is free of inorganic minerals good for human health?

Myth: Reverse osmosis leaches minerals from the body.

Water is called the universal solvent as it always “wants” to have substances dissolved in it. The purer the water, the more aggressive it becomes in attacking things that can dissolve.

Reverse Osmosis technology was created in the 1970s and has been scientifically tested in every conceivable way since then. There has never been any documented evidence to prove that reverse osmosis treated water can leach minerals from the human body.The US Navy has used water with less than 3 parts per million total dissolved solids (TDS) for more than 40 years, according to a 1993 Water Quality Association (WQA) report, which also said the Army’s field personnel drinks RO water.

Reverse osmosis water is very clean, and its purity will actually help improve the absorption of all nutrients including good organic minerals. No more ingesting of bad inorganic minerals (rocks) means the body will no longer be stressed and taxed with trying to absorb something that wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. Drinking water heavy in inorganic minerals is like putting random rocks from your back yard into your chicken soup. Considering the fact that some inorganic minerals are radioactive and others are toxic, you are literally playing Russian roulette with your health!

Use common sense. Drink the cleanest and purest water you can find!

Myth: Reverse osmosis purified water is unhealthy to drink.

Reverse osmosis (RO) has been called unnatural water because of its purity. They say that RO water is too pure and clean to be good because such perfectly clean mineral-free water does not exist naturally on earth. However this type of water does exist, it’s called RAIN. Rainwater is water that has been stripped of all minerals and is often one of the purest and cleanest water on earth. People have been drinking rainwater for thousands of years without any negative health effects.

Myth: Reverse osmosis filtration produces very acidic water with low pH

Reverse osmosis purification may or may not reduce pH levels as it removes unhealthy inorganic minerals from tap water. Water pH is very complicated and pH levels vary constantly depending on a host of factors which can only be measured by water chemists and PhDs. The truth is, water pH levels will automatically change when it is ingested and comes into contact with the food in your stomach. Even on an empty stomach, your stomach acid alone is already several times more acidic than RO water (pH 6-8) with a pH level of 2.

The human body regulates pH levels constantly to find balance and equilibrium. Therefore under normal conditions it will always maintain a neutral 7.4 pH balance. Even eating very acidic foods (very low pH) only alters the body’s pH by a very tiny amount and only for a short time. The healthy body is very robust and it will restore homeostatic pH fairly quickly and easily. Soft drinks and sports drinks typically have a pH level of 2.5, orange juice has a 3 pH and coffee has a 4 pH level and we drink these beverages all the time without problems.

As long as you eat a well balanced diet which includes vegetables and fruits, you can pretty much drink whatever you want without ever worrying about your pH balance.

Myth: Reverse osmosis wastes a lot of water

For every gallon of clean water produced by a RO system, an average of 3 gallons of brine water is used and discarded. This brine (waste) water is constantly used by the system to clean the membrane and allows the filter to work effectively and last for many years. Remember, RO systems clean your water and remove thousands of unhealthy contaminants from tap water that countertop and faucet filters cannot.

Reverse osmosis brine water is the equivalent of an extra 3 to 4 toilet flushes a day. You actually waste more water each day when you wash your dishes or clothes than from a RO system. You will probably pay a extra 25 to 50 cents a month from RO waste water.Waste water from RO systems is actually pretty clean and similar to tap water in purity levels. It can be channeled for use in gardens watering plants or stored and used for other household applications.

Water that flows down the sink is not wasted and can be recycled into clean water. Orange County, California already recycles their waste water, turning it back into their city tap water.

The truth is, there is no “new” water on this planet. All water is old water that has been recycled continuously for millions of years. We are actually drinking the same water that the dinosaurs drank, recycled obviously by Mother Nature.


Reverse osmosis water filters can remove thousands of organic, inorganic and chemical pollutants from tap water. The water is very clean and pure, protecting our health from chlorine, fluoride, arsenic and even pharmaceutical drugs. Reverse Osmosis systems are typically 4 to 5 stage systems that in addition to the RO membrane, also include a sediment filter and several carbon filter stages. This makes them much better at removing contaminants when compared to countertop, faucet and pitcher filters which use only 1 simple carbon filter. Reverse osmosis systems remove the heavy metals, radioactive materials, bacteria, viruses, fluoride, mercury, arsenic, nitrates, chemicals and drugs that standard countertop carbon filters cannot remove.

Reverse osmosis produces cleaner water which allows for the superior absorption of all nutrients by our bodies, including good organic minerals. No more ingesting of bad inorganic minerals (rocks) means the body will no longer be stressed and taxed with trying to absorb something that wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. Cleaner water will also improve the elimination of wastes at the cellular level and increase our body’s metabolic activity.

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