About Michael Maardt, Denmark

Born in 1952, Denmark. Later I was given the name Michael Maardt. I studied sociology and psychology and communication at the universities in Denmark and Germany until 1980 with a Ph.D in sociology. I learned to THINK from studying a lot of theory of science, philosophy etc. (in german Wissenschaftstheorie)

I wrote AND published my self (to control the price etc.) the worlds first computerbooklet as a protest against high prices on computerbooks in Denmark. See video below. The publication is still the most sold computer publication in Denmark (175.000 pcs).

Denmark has 5.5 mio people. If I had lived in the US, it would have sold 50 x 175.000 = 7.500.000, that is 7.5 mio. Other persons joined as authors. We sold one million booklets in Denmark and 7 millións in Germany, approx 100 titles.

I studied sociology and psychology and communication at the universities in Denmark and Germany until 1980 with a Ph.D in sociology.

1970-1980 studied sociology in Denmark and Germany. 1973 I became interested in "critical theories" about sociology and psychology including therapy. I spent some years around 1975 in Frankfurt and Bremen, Germany, studying at the universities.

1980: Ph. D. in sociology at the university of Copenhagen, Denmark. My text contains the only true theory of knowledge (die einzig wahre Erkenntnistheorie) and was published as book and also on the web for free.

1973-1980 lived in a sub culture. Many courses and groups in body therapy (bioenergetics), meditation, massage, healing etc. and spent some years in a complete crazy most radical community ever AAO, but names like Jes Bertelsen, Bob Moore and ended up as a sannyasin of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (later OSHO) for 5 years (also pretty crazy ;-)

1980-1993: small short jobs and unemployed.

Already in 1985 I got interested in computers (Amstrad, Commodore) and later helped friends with their PC. They all had the same problems, so I wrote some pages to them, but ended up publishing a small 64 pages booklet for the price of a packet of cigarettes (extremely cheap in 1993).

A chain of bookshops supported me and it became over night a huge success. It became the most sold computer publication ever in Denmark, and still is. 1993-2004 I published in Denmark computer softbooks or booklets. KnowWare Denmark sold one million and in the german market 7 million booklets with more than 100 titles, big success. 2004 I sold the german part of KnowWare, which still exists. I kept the danish part. In the video I tell the story:

2004 - 2010 I made non-computer stuff, but around 2010 I made 30 computer video tutorials in danish.

2011: A kidney stone attack (ARGGHHH !!) led me to purify my water - water filters and shop .

Best regards Michael Maardt

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